The Gaylord Collision Staff

Joel ButlerWhen do people and businesses achieve true success? When the end user has an overall satisfaction and experience that would keep them coming back again and again, that’s success. Buildings, monetary goods, attribute; these are necessary things, but is there any better stamp of approval than repeat business? As a fourth generation member of the automotive repair industry it is my desire to keep these principals in focus.

Starting from the very basics in the business - sweeping floors, washing cars, to gradually advancing into a technician - has helped me to understand and prepare for the leadership position I now am able to serve in. Being part of something that is sometimes bigger than just repairing a vehicle is fulfilling. Listening to concerns, needs, what a customer feels or is feeling, and acting on it is one of the most rewarding aspects of my job.

With 16 years of working with our company, I’ve been able to learn, from the late nights working in the shop to being a partner in the business community, the temperature of what people are looking for. Whether it is in very prosperous times, or a trying economic period, our commitment to providing a unique and custom experience will not change. Ethical business practices, moral values, and unprecedented customer service is what we are striving to continuously provide.

Michael Smitty SmithI have been working at Gaylord Collision since 1986. A green horn fresh out of college ready to take on the world of automotive repair, little did I know the industry would change so rapidly. From being part of old school, to adapting to new technology, change is a necessary part of this industry and we embrace that without changing the principals that have guided us to the present.

I enjoy working with change to get things done more effectively and efficiently. From pushing a broom, repairing a wreck, to serving the needs of the public, it’s my goal to do what it takes to deliver customer satisfaction. The collision repair business puts me in a new encounter each day to help people get back on the road, lend an ear, or feel the emotion people are experiencing. I want to not only gain a repair customer, but fortify a future relationship with that person, family and friend around them.

Karl JohnsonI truly believe in treating people with honesty and respect. I try to make sure that every customer who walks through our door leaves feeling confident that they made the right decision to trust us with their vehicle.

I know that going through a car accident is never a fun experience, but I do my best to help our customers through it as quickly and painlessly as possible while following a course of action that is the most beneficial to them.

This is the most satisfying aspect of my job, and it is always rewarding to see our customers come back the next time they need some repairs to their vehicle. I think our emphasis on customer service has set us apart from most other auto repair businesses.

Lorelei BondIt has always been a dream of mine to work at Gaylord Collision.  I was only four years old when my Dad started the business, so you could say I grew up here.

It’s becoming increasingly rare to find people who truly enjoy their work. I’m one who does. I love to greet people and answer phones with a smile and try and make someone’s unfortunate accident end up a pleasant experience.

I was taught that Customer Service is number one and that’s what we genuinely strive for every day.  What really makes this job rewarding is seeing someone come in as a customer and leave as a friend.